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Exterior Painting by Cut and Roll

Is your house “that house” on the block? The one with the ancient, peeling, chipping paint? The one that no one wants to go near? Or maybe you just bought a new house and the previous owner had painted it a hideous shade of neon green? Don’t fret, the exterior painting experts at Cut and Roll are here to help.

Exterior Painting in Ann Arbor

The paint on the outside of your home not only provides aesthetic value to your property, it provides your home with a layer of protection from the elements. By working with a professional painter like Cut and Roll, you can be assured that your investment will be protected. Prior to painting your home, our skilled painters will evaluate whether power washing or hand washing will need to be done in order to remove excessive dirt or any mold. We will then remove and replace any damaged or rotted wood on the siding and trim and caulk any gaps to prevent water damage. Finally, all loose or peeling paint is gently scraped off. Areas needing primed will be taken care of prior to painting with your choice of color(s). Our process is extensive, but it provides quality and long lasting results.

Ann Arbor Exterior Painting Services offered by Cut and Roll include:



Composite & Vinyl

Siding Doors & Windows


Decks, Railings & Patio Covers